Seniors Open 5th August Results
Seniors Open 5th August Results
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1st place (92 points):
John Stead, Harry Allen, Kevin Allen, Harvey Thomas

2nd place (91 points):
David Smith, Michael Charles, Sylvester Jones, Paul Daniel

3rd place (86 points, 46 back nine):
G Adamson, J Deegan, G Lambert, B Schofield

4th place (86 points, 43 back nine):
K Livesey, N Parkinson, G Smith, A Smith

5th place (86 points, 42 back nine):
E Ruddock, F Duffy, M Camacho, I Johnson

6th Place (85 points, 41 back nine):
S Wright, S Smedley, M Harrison, R Hoyle

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13.07.2021 07:14
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  • Seniors Open 5th August Results